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Tax Attorney Alex Gluzman & TaxHelpers is a full-service tax law firm specializing in reducing back taxes, fixing incorrect tax bills, filing back taxes, and dealing with liens and levies.

We help individuals and small businesses resolve their IRS and State Of California Tax problems.

We have saved our clients millions in taxes, penalties, and interest and helped many Americans get their financial futures back on track.

What Caused Your Tax Problem?

TaxHelpers attorneys defend your rights with personalized tax relief strategies at reasonable rates. Whether it’s Offer in Compromise, the IRS Fresh Start Program, penalty abatements, or resolving tax liens and wage garnishments, we are here to help! Remember that TaxHelpers has nearly 20 years of experience providing representation for our clients.

Our tax attorneys are proud to have helped many San Francisco Bay Area Taxpayers get their financial future back on track. Let us do the same for you!

Back Taxes Caused
By Divorce

Stressed-out spouses struggling to pay for lawyers and child support may forget about filing or paying taxes.

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Personal hardship does not excuse tax debt, though a resolution to the situation is possible! We can advise on various relief programs to help you get your personal and financial future back on track.

Tax Penalties Forgiven
Due To Illness

Good health is priceless. However, the consequential costs pile up quickly when facing a severe illness.

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Major health concerns are a common cause of IRS tax delinquencies, and several tax relief programs are available. Let an accomplished tax lawyer help you determine the next steps in rebuilding your financial health with personalized consultation services.

Tax Debt Resulting
From Financial Hardship

Losing your job is not an excuse for neglecting to file taxes, and once the IRS labels you …

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as a tax debtor things can get worse quickly. Dealing with unforeseen financial struggles is a part of life, but IRS issues don’t have to be! Contact us today to see how a TaxHelpers tax attorney can help you handle your tax penalties and effectively deal with the IRS.

Back Taxes From
A Tax Audit

Although uncommon an IRS audit can be overwhelming and intimidating. IRS agents may come to your

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home or business to investigate your tax situation and/or attempt to resolve possible tax debts. An expert tax lawyer can help you be prepared at each stage of the audit process with personalized strategies designed to save you money and defend your rights.

Business Decline Caused
by Payroll Tax Problems

Cash flow issues have stressed every small business owner at some point. However, complying with employment tax

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…obligations is non-negotiable, and failure to do so will compound your debt and may destroy your business. If your business is struggling with 940, and 941 payroll taxes, Tax Helpers can help you resolve your IRS tax debt so you can keep your doors open.  We also help with EDD and the State Board of Equalization.

Unfiled Tax Returns
Caused By Addiction

Substance abuse can cause serious problems, and as the illness progresses, financial obligations usually take 

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…a back seat or get ignored altogether. Let one of our compassionate tax attorneys help you resolve your tax problems through various IRS relief programs before your debt spins entirely out of control.

Bay Area Tax Attorney

We are experts with Offers in Compromise, Penalty Abatements, Wage Garnishments, Tax Lien Issues, Filing Back Taxes, and the IRS Fresh Start Program. TaxHelpers proudly represents taxpayers all over California, including Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Sacramento.