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The Law Offices Of Alex Gluzman

The Law Offices of Alex Gluzman (TaxHelpers) is a full service tax law firm specializing in helping individuals and businesses resolve their back taxes with the IRS and California Taxing Agencies.

Since 1997, our tax lawyers have saved millions of dollars in IRS and State taxes, penalties, and interest for our clients. We help taxpayers resolve their problems by: negotiating offers in compromise, resolving payroll taxes, wiping out it in bankruptcy, getting rid of liens, and preventing wage garnishments.

Our attorneys get involved at every stage of your tax problem. Whether we are preparing delinquent tax returns, releasing a wage garnishments, dealing with an IRS lien, planning a bankruptcy, negotiating an offer in compromise, or saving a business from payroll tax seizure, our clients always receive personalized, professional and confidential representation.

 Our mission is to end your tax problem, and save you money.

 We want to resolve your problem – not just put a band-aid on it!

About Tax Attorney Alex Gluzman

Alex Gluzman started TaxHelpers in 1997.  Alex is a San Francisco tax attorney who dedicated his law practice to resolving tax problems. He is responsible for saving millions of dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest through the offer in compromise and audit reconsideration programs.

Before starting TaxHelpers, Alex was a Deloitte and Touche LLP Tax Manager. He advised high-net-worth individuals and large corporate taxpayers at this multinational consulting firm on various tax and business restructuring issues.

Alex earned an LLM in Taxation.  He is a member of the State Bar of California, Bar Association of San Francisco, and American Bar Association Section on Taxation. He is a former Vice Chair of the Tax Committee of the Barrister Club of San Francisco.

Personalized, Experienced and Ethical Tax Help!

Suppose you are dealing with a tax problem. In that case, chances are you are being bombarded by Tax Resolution Companies offering to settle your taxes for “pennies on the dollar”, and guaranteeing immediate tax relief.  TV and Radio Ads, Robo-Calls, and email Spam are all methods of attracting new clients.

Furthermore, if your tax lien gets recorded in the public records, you will get many calls and letters offering tax help.  Please be careful, some of the advertisements may even appear like official government notices, making you believe that you qualify for some limited time settlement.   Unlike many big tax resolution companies making unrealistic promises through high-pressure, inexperienced and unlicensed salespeople, we provide personal and experienced representation to all our clients.  I don’t remember you dealing with a call center or a screener.  Only tax attorneys will evaluate and work on your case. Contact Us for Tax Attorneys in San Jose.

Our Clients

Each of our clients has their own set of circumstances that led them to fall behind on their tax obligations. Our experience and customized solutions allow us to develop workable resolution plans for each set of problems and circumstances.