Former Housewives Star Kim Zolciak Divorcing Husband Amidst Tax Liens Totaling over $1.1 Million

May 18, 2023 | Blog

For some time now, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has been denying rumors of money problems. Recently, however, the Internal Revenue Service escalated the money issue. Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann, former NFL outside linebacker, reportedly owe more than $1 million to Uncle Sam. Anyone in this position probably needs back-taxes help from a legal professional, especially if liens have been filed by the IRS, as is the case with the aforementioned couple. To further complicate matters, an IRS tax attorney in San Jose has learned that the couple has filed for divorce, breaking the hearts of millions of devoted fans.

Divorce Proceedings Filed in April; Zolciak Seeking Child Custody

April 30 is listed as the official separation date for the couple, who were married for over a decade and had four children together during that time. Zolciak cited irreconcilable differences, and that the marriage had, according to her, no hope of reconciliation. The former Housewives star is seeking joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their four children, as well as spousal support. She also stated she intends to have her maiden name legally restored.

Loan Default in Couple’s History

Last fall, Zolciak and Biermann reportedly defaulted on the mortgage for their Fulton County, Georgia home. The $1.65 million loan was through Truist Bank. People Magazine reported that the bank planned to auction the home off this past March, and rumors circulated that it had sold for $257,000. Zolciak and Biermann adamantly denied this rumor, stating that “millions and millions of dollars” were put into the home, that it was worth almost $2.5 million, and that therefore it would never be sold for that amount of money. According to Redfin, when purchased in October 2012, its price was $880,000.

Tax Liens Total Over $1 Million

Federal tax liens have plagued the couple for many years, going back as far as 2013 and including 2018, 2019, 2020, and the current year. As of March 30, the exact total of the cumulative liens was $1,147,834.67. The state of Georgia also filed a tax lien of $15,000 for taxes allegedly due in 2018. Most individuals who face property liens consult a back-taxes attorney to get back on track and make peace with the IRS.

Tax liens were designed to protect the government’s interest in real estate. The IRS must assess the tax liability and make sure a bill is sent to delinquent taxpayers, giving them a chance to pay the bill before a lien can be filed. The lien, referred to as a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, alerts creditors that Uncle Sam has a legal right to the real estate or personal property. Tax help is available in certain cases, and sometimes a payment arrangement can be worked out. If the tax liability is paid off, the lien is typically released. Unfortunately, tax liens and divorce often go together.

Liens may accrue interest and penalties even if the person is on a payment plan, so tax lawyers should be consulted by those who find themselves in this position. It’s unclear what the next steps might be for the former Housewives star and her soon-to-be ex-husband, as they did not respond to various requests for comment. Back-taxes help is available from qualified attorneys, so it is always wise to seek such help when facing tax liens or delinquent taxes.