Former NFL Linebacker Romanowski Files Bankruptcy Ahead of IRS Hearing

May 9, 2024 | Blog, Celebrity Tax News

In advance of a Department of Justice hearing, former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski has filed for bankruptcy. The scheduled hearing alleges that Romanowski, together with his wife, Julie, owe more than $15 million in delinquent taxes. The couple filed the proceedings jointly. Any back tax attorney could confirm that bankruptcy is not usually a viable way to avoid paying delinquent taxes, although, in some cases, it may save people a few dollars or help delay the inevitable.

Nutrition Company Also Subject of Bankruptcy

The couple own a nutritional company, Nutrition53, for which bankruptcy was also filed last fall. In 2023, federal charges were brought against the couple that alleged Nutrition53 was used by the Romanowskis to avoid paying the aforementioned tax bill, according to court documents.

Allegations Date Back to 1998

The recent charges brought against Romanowski are not the first of their kind, as accusations of tax avoidance date back to 1998, when Bill Romanowski was still a professional football player. Legal documents indicate that in 2013, the courts ruled against the couple twice, and the Department of Justice alleges that it was then that they began using the nutritional company’s assets to satisfy personal debt and cover expenses.

According to a tax attorney in San Jose, court documents allege that corporate funds were moved from the N53 account by the Romanowskis to their personal accounts to pay for goods and services for themselves and their grown children. These purchases allegedly include chiropractic appointments, spa treatments, groceries, and pet food. The couple has not bought a personal place of residence since the 2013 court case, but have rented a dwelling since that time.

Bankruptcy Filed Just Ahead of Court Date

The Romanowskis were scheduled to appear in Federal District Court at the beginning of May, and, according to a back-taxes lawyer, they would have had to answer the charges concerning their alleged delinquent taxes at that hearing. The bankruptcy filing provides a temporary delay before the couple’s assets can be seized by the federal government. Ultimately, a Bay Area tax attorney or other legal professional is the best person to help the Romanowskis with their current problems.

Scandal Rocked Career

Romanowski’s career has always been associated with accusations of dirty play, and the NFL repeatedly fined the linebacker throughout his career. Teammate Marcus Williams once sued Romanowski for allegedly breaking his eye socket during a practice field altercation. Additionally, since his retirement, Romanowski has admitted he used steroids during his career with the NFL. It remains to be seen how the couple will settle their problems with the Internal Revenue Service, but the best course of action for anyone in such a situation is to seek the advice of an IRS tax attorney as soon as possible.

Meta-Title: Former NFL Linebacker Bill Romanowski Files Bankruptcy Just Prior to IRS Hearing.

Meta-Description:  Bill Romanowski, former NFL linebacker, and his wife, Julie, have filed for bankruptcy just ahead of a federal court date concerning the $15 million the couple allegedly owe in back taxes.