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Tax Helpers has served the Bay Area since 1997 and offers comprehensive tax attorney services in San Francisco. We provide personalized representation for taxpayers who have trouble with the IRS. Contact us for Tax Attorney in San Francisco.

Tax Helpers in San Francisco

Serving the Bay Area since 1997, Tax Helpers offers comprehensive tax attorney services in San Francisco. We provide personalized representation for taxpayers who have run into trouble with the IRS.

 Our specialties include IRS tax auditsfiling back taxestax liens, as well as wage garnishments and the offer in compromise program.

 Over the years, our tax lawyers have helped clients to save millions of dollars in interest and penalties. Whether your tax problem is at the state, or federal level, our San Francisco tax attorneys will be able to provide you with the expertise you need to resolve your issue quickly.

 Our office is conveniently located in the financial district of down town San Francisco, and is just steps away from the cable car line stop, as well as BART station.

 If you’re in need of representation for a tax issue, call us today to schedule a free consultation with a tax attorney today!

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IRS Tax Lawyer

With 25 years of experience, we not only make sense of tax laws for clients, but we also create individualized solutions to help taxpayers make peace with the IRS. We also offer invaluable tax planning advice so that the same situation does not reoccur. Remember, keeping your head in the sand can’t solve tax problems. Instead, have an experienced San Francisco tax lawyer assist you with such issues. This puts you back in the driver’s seat and eliminates constant anxiety. In all likelihood, you would not try to represent yourself in court without a lawyer, so you shouldn’t try to take on the IRS by yourself, either. Make an appointment to stop by our office, which is right downtown. Contact us as soon as possible to get peace of mind about any tax issue you are facing.


Filing Back Taxes





Filing Back Taxes
Failing to file a return and owing back taxes are not uncommon problems. However, they are also not problems that will go away on their own. Eventually, the IRS or your state will contact you concerning your failure to properly file your taxes. If you’ve thought about not filing back taxes, there are a couple of things you should understand:
Filing late or not filing does not eliminate your bill. Additionally, penalties and interest are added based on how long you procrastinate, which can lead to a distressing bill. In other words, you will pay more for putting the problem off. As you might suspect, you may also have to forfeit refunds and may even find yourself in legal trouble over your failure to file or pay. The sooner you address the problem, the better your chances of minimizing a bad outcome.
Criminal tax prosecution is also a possibility, as well as the forfeiture of future refunds. This means that the sooner the problem is addressed, the higher your chances of minimizing a negative outcome.
If you received a letter claiming you owe back taxes, didn’t file, or made a filing error when you completed your return, don’t plummet into despair over the possible consequences. Rather, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable lawyers to assist you with a common-sense solution for your individual issues. We’ve dealt with it all, and we are here to help.

Experienced Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”) Attorney in San Francisco

It is no secret that virtually any taxpayer would rather not deal with the California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”) which is California’s tax law enforcing agency. Known for being particularly aggressive and intensely pursuing collections and audits, the FTB essentially has a one-track mind focused on enhancing the state’s revenue. Don’t feel strange if you’re not anxious to speak to them. Such a situation is often troubling and tension-filled. This is due, in part, to the audit procedures of the FTB being very similar to those of the IRS. This is particularly true for those whose tax returns are delinquent.

The FTB has access to various pieces of your personal information, such as DMV registrations, driver’s license information, and state property tax bills. This is the information they use to select who they audit. Simply put, they typically know a lot about you prior to your speaking to them, and this would unnerve virtually anyone. There’s no reason to put yourself through that kind of anxiety when you can easily place the entire problem in the hands of an experienced and skilled San Francisco tax lawyer who is not intimidated by the FTB.

Offer in Compromise

Often, you can settle an outstanding tax bill for less than what is owed. Naturally, the IRS does not advertise this option. One way to accomplish this is through an Offer in Compromise. This term simply refers to an agreement between you and the IRS, and if the best San Francisco tax attorney handles your case, it can be an ideal way to settle your legal responsibility to Uncle Sam.

Several options a skilled lawyer may pursue in this vein include Doubt as to Collectability. This involves presenting facts that show it is unrealistic to expect that the full amount could ever be repaid. Doubt as to Liability is also something your San Francisco tax attorney may discuss with you. This might be appropriate if you are skeptical about whether you actually owe the requested amount.

Effective Tax Administration is another exception, and this involves requesting a compromise based on extreme economic hardship. You are not contesting the amount owed, but rather are demonstrating that repaying it or having your property seized would negatively impact your ability to survive. This is a lot of information to digest on your own, but it’s simple and easy for a knowledgeable IRS attorney.

Wage Garnishments

Penalties and assessed fees are often consequences of not paying back taxes in a timely manner. However, you may find yourself facing additional consequences in the future, including wage garnishment. Obviously, your life will be negatively impacted by your paycheck being tampered with, but the IRS has the authority to seize over 15 percent of that check.

The IRS does not have to follow the limits that apply to other bill collectors. Your employer must comply with IRS wage garnishments. This not only impacts your income but may cause significant embarrassment for you on your job. Even bonuses are not immune to seizure from the IRS.

You should immediately contact our tax resolution firm if you’ve been given a wage garnishment notice so that we can help you resolve the issue. We’ve assisted numerous filers with problems of this kind and can most likely help you as well. Wage garnishment only ceases under three circumstances: if the garnishment is lifted by the IRS, if the taxes are fully paid, or if a payment arrangement or settlement is reached. To ensure the best outcome, have a San Francisco tax attorney deal with this problem on your behalf.

Cryptocurrency Tax Lawyer


The recent high-profile war between the IRS and Coinbase has been noticed by many. In the future, San Francisco tax attorneys expect to see aggressive, continuous IRS activity regarding crypto. Uncle Sam is focusing on making sure crypto users pay their entire tax bill and will not hesitate to go after money in offshore accounts. We’ve helped many filers with issues regarding their virtual currency tax holdings, and we can provide you with the appropriate recommendations concerning the reporting of such gains. We can also help with navigating an audit, or, if needed, provide representation during litigation.

We’ll assist you with the filing of new or amended returns to make sure that all capital gains from the transfer or sale of cyber currency are reported properly. Additionally, we can assist you to transition your company into compliance with employment tax law, such as setting up a system to implement proper withholdings on wages paid with virtual currency. Because cryptocurrency is relatively new, don’t take needless chances with your taxes. Rather, put your trust in an experienced tax attorney at our firm to assist you with this problem.

If you’re in need of representation for a tax issue, call us today to schedule a free consultation with a tax attorney in San Francisco today!

Tax Liens

You know you are in a perilous position if a federal tax lien is looming. If you ignore a tax bill or refuse to pay it, any property you own is vulnerable to a tax lien. If this has occurred, you need the best San Francisco tax attorney on the case. Tax liens of this kind can be put on any property you own, and the consequences are far-reaching. For example, a tax lien can stop you from obtaining credit, renting an apartment, or buying a car. What most individuals don’t know is that even properties bought after an IRS lien is filed can be attached. This means a tax lien can haunt you forever.


The most appropriate way to address this issue is through preventative measures, so reach out to us as soon as possible if you owe back taxes. If a tax lien has already been put in place, there are means of reversing it, and a competent attorney can pursue these options on your behalf. These may include getting the lien withdrawn, discharged, subordinated, or released, depending on your specific circumstances, which can be discussed at your consultation.

Tax Penalty Abatement

If you were unable to pay your tax bill in a timely manner, despite exercising reasonable care, you may be able to have a tax penalty reduced or even removed entirely by the IRS. Tax penalty abatement is a basic element of the Internal Revenue Code. However, filers may easily overlook this if they are not represented by a San Francisco IRS attorney. Our firm has long-term experience with obtaining full or partial abatement relief for filers who were not purposely negligent, but nevertheless accrued tax debt.

If you are having trouble with the IRS under reasonable circumstances, it is a distinct possibility that the penalty can be reduced or eliminated. We can review your specific problem and how it occurred, and provide straightforward, practical advice regarding all your realistic options. If abatement or waiver is appropriate, we can guide you through the process with top-notch representation.


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