Mel B. Hit With Tax Lien

May 14, 2018 | Blog

In the case of former Spice Girl Mel B and her now ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, it appears that somebody forgot to take care of their joint business in the heat of a not-super-friendly divorce. As a result, the US Internal Revenue Service has filed a tax lien against the couple with regard to their 2016 taxes.

The $274,863.99 which the IRS claims is owed to them has not been quantified beyond the bare filing of a tax lien. In other words, it is not known at this time as to whether this is a question of a shortfall in payment, a complete failure to file, or some sort of other tax dispute. Nor is it known as to whether this is something largely attributable to the business dealings of Mel B or of her former husband, although it is most likely something chargeable to her account since she was the true breadwinner of the family during their ten year marriage.

What does come to mind for many ordinary people is that a quarter of a million dollars and change is a lot of money for unpaid taxes in a single year. It makes one wonder what the actual income involved might have been. Still, while undoubtedly embarrassing, the likelihood is that this will all get cleared up in due course. Most likely, this matter is tied in to the usual difficulty in disentangling business and financial affairs during a divorce proceeding.

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