Rapper Chris Brown Facing Four Million Dollar Tax Bill

Jan 31, 2023 | Blog, Celebrity Tax News

According to TMZ, Chris Brown was recently the recipient of a staggering $4 million tax bill. Almost any tax professional would agree that it would be in Brown’s best interest to seek the advice of a back taxes attorney to help him navigate the situation. According to Distractify, numerous tax liens have been filed against the R & B artist, which targeted both his businesses and his properties. The various liens were filed over the past year, and tax documents acquired by Distractify indicate that both the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California want Brown to pay the outstanding amounts as soon as possible.

Tax Liens Filed Against Chris Brown Total Approximately $4 Million

In 2022, two federal tax liens totaling $3,305,529.28 were filed by the IRS against Brown. However, according to a tax attorney in San Jose, Brown also allegedly owes the State of California $739,067.48, thus owing a combined total of $4,044,596.76, hence the liens.

If Breezy refuses to pay the outstanding amount in the near future, both the federal and state government will begin collection proceedings. According to TMZ, if Brown can’t or won’t pay these bills, multiple businesses owned by the artist, as well as his Tarzana, California estate, will be the first casualties of the collection activity.

Brown Shows Off His Extended Wardrobe Shortly Before Liens Are Filed

On Instagram Stories, Chris Brown recently shared pictures of his designer collection of shoes and clothes. The rapper uploaded a video that was essentially a mini tour of the area. However, he made a point to say he owns additional costumes, shoes, and attire that were not shown in the clip. In the video, he was quoted as saying, “I just built a department store outside my house,” and expressed his desire to show everyone what it looked like.

The building, which is adjacent to his home, was referred to by the rapper as his own “department store,” and it showcased neatly organized storage racks, footwear organizers, and even a staffer who was presumably hired to manage the area.

Shortly after flexing his massive wardrobe muscles on the popular social media platform, Brown was hit with the tax liens, and the IRS revealed that the back taxes he owed totaled approximately $4 million.

Lavish Birthday Party Held in January for Brown’s Youngest Daughter

An IRS tax attorney noticed that the liens also came after the rapper threw a lavish birthday party for his youngest daughter. The Winter Wonderland themed party held on January 8 was reportedly primarily for friends and family, yet the total bill was more than $23,000. Brown’s other children were in attendance as well, and the cake was rolled out to the Stevie Wonder soundtrack, “Isn’t She Lovely?”

Inventive Fundraising in Brown’s Past

San Jose tax lawyers recall Brown holding a huge “high-end garage sale” in 2018 to raise money, despite being worth $100 million. Fans may begin to speculate if he will do something similar in order to satisfy both the federal and state government regarding his tax bills.

Regardless of his plans for the future, however, a back taxes attorney is the best person to advise Brown about his predicament. Anyone facing a tax lien or owing back taxes to the state or federal government should also seek such advice.