Tax Audit Reconsideration

A taxpayer might have gone through a state or federal tax audit resulting in an additional tax assessment. During the audit, the taxpayer might have been unable to prove his case due to the lack of certain documents or other evidence that would have worked in the taxpayer’s favor. Other taxpayers might have missed their audit altogether, causing an erroneous assessment to be issued against them. Once the audit assessment becomes final, the government proceeds to collect on the debt. However, the taxpayer may discover new favorable evidence that would have resulted in a smaller assessment or no assessment at all. We have achieved significant success in reopening and overturning inaccurate audit assessments.

Reopening Old Audit Disputes

Audit reconsideration allows a taxpayer to fight the audit results even if a number of years have passed. So, if you still owe back taxes due to audit errors, you may be able to request that the IRS review its assessment (provided you did not agree to the assessment or lost your case in tax court).

IRS may agree to reevaluate the audit assessment if the taxpayer:

  • Missed the audit
  • Did not know or found out too late to participate in the IRS audit
  • Provided documents or other evidence that were ignored
  • Found new substantiation

An audit reconsideration request is generally appropriate in the following situations:

  • New information is uncovered
  • The IRS filed an inflated return on behalf of a non-filer
  • IRS made mistakes

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