Once the delinquent employer is identified, the IRS will launch an extensive investigation to determine the level on non-compliance, and ascertain the amount of the debt.  An IRS Revenue Officer may arrive at the business or the owner’s residence to discuss the account.  If the returns are not filed, the IRS may file inflated tax returns on the taxpayer’s behalf through their SFR filing program. If the communication and the cooperation between the government and the business owner break down, the IRS may unleash its powerful arsenal of liens and levies, putting the business under increased financial stress. Criminal prosecution, personal liability against business owners, and closure of the business are also possible.  Harsh collection tactics are more likely if the taxpayer continues the delinquency in the current and subsequent tax periods.   

An effective resolution plan must address the following key points:

  • What caused the business to fall behind?
  • What immediate actions need to be taken?
  • What is the plan going forward?


Our Attorneys Can Manage Your Payroll Tax Problem

Although payroll tax problems are complex and difficult to resolve, they do not have to destroy your business.  Having experienced representation is vital.  Depending on your situation and your ability to cooperate with us, TaxHelpers can restructure your business, secure additional time to pay the balance or settle the tax debt for a much less. Our tax lawyers have extensive experience in resolving tax problems.  Call us if you want to protect, and save your business, or deal with back taxes from an old business.

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