Tax Attorney to Settle Back Taxes

Filing Back Taxes

We represent numerous clients who have missed filing some of their state or federal taxes. Some clients are only behind a year or two, others need to catch up on their filings way back into the 1980’s (mostly the case with California Franchise Tax Board).

Regardless of complexity, our team promptly prepares accurate back taxes, while aiming to minimizing the risk of criminal prosecution and enforced collection by the taxing agencies.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, many of our clients have lost their tax records, making the preparation of late taxes more complicated. Our tax lawyers often have to act as forensic detectives to reconstruct and retrace client’s tax records. By working closely with the clients, our lawyers are able to prepare reasonably accurate tax returns going back many years.

Many clients owe back taxes because they did not have the money to pay the balance due on the tax return. We strongly believe that in most circumstances, filing the missing tax returns is in the best interest of the client. Filing accurate returns can actually lower your tax liability and corresponding penalties.

We can help you file your back taxes with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. Call for more information on how we can help you.

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