Avoid Garnishment of Wages – Wage Garnishment Attorneys

IRS and the State of California frequently use wage garnishments to collect taxes owed through your employer. Once a garnishment is filed, the employer is required to collect a percentage of each paycheck. A garnishment requires that a large percentage of taxpayer’s wages be turned over directly to the IRS or the state. The garnishment stays in effect until the tax is fully paid or until the IRS or the State agrees to release the garnishment.

Our clients turn to us for emergency help with wage garnishments. Our IRS attorneys understand how important a regular paycheck is to our clients. We also understand how especially devastating a garnishment is to taxpayers with families. Our tax lawyers immediately contact the IRS or the state to negotiate the release of the garnishment. Of course, releasing or lowering a garnishment is only a temporary solution. Our tax attorneys follow up by developing a long-term strategy for dealing with the tax bill. Once the garnishment is released, we will either set up a repayment tax plan or submit an offer in compromise for our clients.

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