Tax Bill for the $1.128 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot: What You Need to Know

Mar 29, 2024 | Blog, Uncategorized

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached an astronomical $1.128 billion, and the lucky winner is located in New Jersey. But before they start planning that dream vacation or buying a luxury yacht, let’s talk taxes on lottery winners. Yes, Uncle Sam and the state of New Jersey want their share of this jackpot. What’s the tax bill for a massive windfall? Let’s break this one down.

The Winning Ticket

A single ticket sold in New Jersey matched all six numbers, securing the game’s fifth-largest grand prize. The initial estimated jackpot of $1.13 billion dipped slightly to $1.128 billion due to actual ticket sales. Now the winner faces a crucial decision: take the annuitized prize spread over time, or grab a lump-sum payout in cash.

The Taxman Cometh

Regardless of the payout option, taxes will take a hefty bite out of a jackpot. Here’s how:

  1. Federal Withholding

The IRS automatically withholds 24 percent upfront from the jackpot. If the winner chooses the lump-sum option, worth $536.6 million, this withholding reduces the prize by about $129 million.

Additionally, the jackpot catapults the winner into the top federal tax bracket, which is 37 percent for 2024. After the initial 24 percent withholding, they could still owe another 13 percent in federal taxes, about $70 million.

  1. State Taxes in New Jersey

New Jersey withholds additional taxes even on prizes over $10,000; the mandatory 8 percent state withholding for payouts exceeding $500,000 means another $43 million upfront for this jackpot winner.

Since this jackpot winner would be going above New Jersey’s top tax bracket, there are still more taxes to consider.

Navigating the Maze

“You’re losing almost half of it,” says Albert Campo, a certified public accountant in New Jersey. He’s right. None of these winners initially thinks about taxes until reality hits: the IRS and state government are suddenly knocking on the winner’s door, hands outstretched.

How Can a Tax Attorney Generally Help?

  • IRS Tax Attorneys: These experts specialize in navigating the complex tax code. They can guide you through the maze of deductions, credits, and obligations.
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