womans fingers on calculatorAre You Stuck In The Vicious Cycle Of Back Taxes?

Back taxes are an unfortunate consequence of the recent economic downturn.  Other life-events like divorce, substance abuse, or illness are also major causes of tax problems.

Back taxes may start slowly with a missed filing, or a small debt, and escalate into years of looking over your shoulder, and fearing opening your mail. In seeking relief, many overwhelmed Americans fall victim to unethical tax firms, falsely promising and even guaranteeing  “immediate relief” and reduction, thus making tax problems disappear. Of course if you deal with one of the bad apples, the only thing that will disappear is your hard earned money (or the money you borrowed from family to resolve the tax problem). However, a reputable tax attorney can provide extensive resolution for your back taxes.

If you find yourself owing a large tax bill, or have un-filed tax returns, you should discuss your problem with a lawyer who specializes in back taxes.  Make sure that you are speaking to a licensed professional, and not a call center clerk. 

There Is Hope For Your Tax Problem!

A minor tax bill can quickly become unmanageable through liens, levies, and harsh penalties.  Although back taxes are very serious, they don’t have to destroy your family’s financial future.  In fact, new and very helpful IRS policies may provide relief in managing the tax debt.  A properly executed tax resolution strategy can put the prospects of: buying a house, rebuilding your credit, paying for your kids’ education, and getting a peace of mind back in your future plans.

These Programs May Help You!

For example, if your ex-spouse caused the tax problem on a joint tax return, without your knowledge, the innocent spouse defense might relieve you of the tax debt. IRS regulations also allow you to appeal or protest erroneous or unreasonable IRS assessments.  You may even be able to go to Tax Court or a District Court and sue the IRS.

If you can’t pay the tax bill, you may qualify for a substantial settlement under the offer in compromise program.  If you need more time to resolve the debt, the IRS may allow a reasonable installment agreement to address the tax debt over time.  The IRS can also temporarily delay collection based on a financial hardship, until you get back on your feet.

Other programs such as bankruptcy relief and penalty forgiveness may also alleviate the problem.  If you are a candidate for one of these programs, you will not have to worry about the government coming after you for back taxes.  Of course you will have to pay your future taxes on time or all bets are off.

TaxHelpers Can Explain Your Options!

We can design a strategy that fits your particular set of facts.  If a solution exists, we will help you find it.  It does not happen over-night, and its not an easy process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our tax attorneys would be happy to discuss your situation and figure out the best strategy for your needs.

Our tax lawyers know exactly how to expedite a resolution of your tax problems and protect you from liens, levies, unreasonable penalties and wage garnishments.

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