image005State Board of Equalization audited my automotive business back in 1994. After months of counting, and recounting, the auditor presented us with a bill for roughly $45,000. My accountant knew she was outgunned, so I decided to hire a tax lawyer.

We hired a local tax expert to represent us in our appeal. By this time the bill ballooned to about $70,000.  Our lawyer seemed to be digging a deeper hole for ourselves. We were expecting our first child and the last thing we needed was a $70,000 tax bill hanging over our heads. My wife and I sold our condo to pay our portion of the tax bill.  We just could not find anyone we could trust. Alex agreed to handle my Appeal hearing in Sacramento. Since, we lived in LA, Alex made frequent trips to Southern California to gather evidence and to interview witnesses.

When we finally got our day to present our case, the State Board just would not budge. TaxHelpers battled with the State Board for over 8 months. Finally we got a ruling in our favor and I ended up paying only $10,000. This is my story and I am sure I am not the only one.

Val Seifert
Los Angeles, CA.


image006My husband and I had multiple years of unpaid taxes hanging over our heads. It was too daunting of a task to handle ourselves so we turned to Alex for help.  With over $100,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest we were not very hopeful.  Alex was upfront and honest about our situation.  We filed an Offer in Compromise, but we were skeptical that the IRS would really accept it.  The day that we received our acceptance letter ranks up there with our wedding day and the birth of our children.  Alex worked a miracle with our tax debt and we are paying a fraction of our tax debt. We are extremely grateful to Alex for his diligence with our case and I recommend him to anyone going through the stress of owing money to the IRS.  He is honest about the situation and fights for you to get the best possible deal. 

Mrs. Kearns


image004There is nothing more terrifying than a several year old personal and corporate IRS tax debt fast approaching seven figures.  Add to this the anxiety in attempting to choose the right law office to represent you in an Offer In Compromise.  Three years ago, after careful research, I chose the Law Offices of Alex Gluzman.  I wanted to deal with an individual attorney not a tax resolution company advertising on the radio.

Alex personally and quickly put a plan together for my personal and corporate tax debt.  First he made sure both were in compliance with current taxes.  Second he entered me personally and my corporation in an OIC with the IRS.   The wheels at the IRS grind slow!  However, with his experience, he negotiated an excellent OIC for my personal tax issue.  THANK YOU ALEX!  After careful consideration based on many circumstances, we decided to withdraw the OIC for the corporation and instead arrange a payment plan.

Fast forward to the present.  After 2 years the IRS notified me that they wanted to review the corporation and the payment plan.  Realizing I would never be able to pay the increasing corporate IRS tax debt, I again hired Alex Gluzman.  Alex again entered the corporation in an OIC.  It took over a year but this time the IRS accepted the corporate OIC!  THANKS AGAIN ALEX!

Alex was pit bull tenacious with the IRS and by my side the entire way.  Alex did his part.  Now it is up to me to do mine.  I hope this review helps someone else choose the right person for his or her tax problem.  You will not be disappointed!  

I don’t know how to express my thanks for your help. At the beginning of this year, I was just out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy with no assets and a bill for back taxes that came to more than $70,000. Today, thanks to your efforts and expertise, the IRS has settled for $2,000! I don’t know how you did it, but I will be forever grateful to you and would recommend your services to anyone who needed tax help»

Pat, San Francisco


If you are worried about owing the IRS, can’t sleep, wish you were dead, don’t know where to turn and feel like you life is over because you’re worried and the IRS won’t work with you.

Call Alex Gluzman, he’s honest, reasonably priced, knows his business and will put your mind at ease as well as resolve your problem at a reasonable and fair price.

My situation was horrible. I hadn’t paid or filed my taxes in four years. I didn’t have records and I thought I would end up in jail. What they wanted was money, but you need a good attorney to resolve your tax matter. I am now making monthly payments Thanks to Alex. Happy to get up in the morning and enjoying my life again. Alex Gluzman is your man.



I used Mr. Alex Gluzman’s legal services to help me clear three years of delinquent taxes. I was absolutely paralyzed with the process. I am greatly appreciative of Gluzman’s firm yet compassionate guidance. Never judgmental, reminding me of the serious outcomes of my delaying, and always setting limits for my work to complete the proper reporting to the IRS. Mr. Gluzman was at all times during this seventeen-month process professional in all things. He referred me to an accountant who prepared the missing tax reports. He responded to every phone call and email and was always succinct and direct in his communication. And best of all, my penalties were greatly reduced bringing my payments down to 25% of original amounts requested. For these reasons, I highly recommend Mr. Alex Gluzman to you.

Mary,  San Francisco



Dear Alex,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in resolving my tax problems. You were always up-front and honest with me, and I feel you led me in exactly the direction that was best for me.

Your fees were very reasonable, and only a fraction of the 65K you saved me; I’m glad I chose you to represent me




After I closed my business, I was stuck with a $23,000 in payroll taxes.

When I went out to look for a lawyer, some attorneys wanted a lot of money up-front others wanted several hundred just for the first consultation. Alex gave me a free consultation and a monthly payment. Eventually the IRS accepted a settlement of $300 and I got my life back»

Victor, San Francisco



I came to Alex’s law offices with an overwhelming amount of tax debt; years of unfilled tax returns, and no idea where to start.  Alex got the IRS off my back immediately and took over all communication with them.  He helped me get all my tax returns filed and was able to negotiate a great deal with the IRS to get my debt paid off without having to put my family into a severe financial hardship.  He has a profound knowledge of the ins and outs of the federal and state tax code and working through all the hoops of the IRS and CA FTB.  He responded quickly to emails and phone calls and his fees are very reasonable for the work he does.  I highly recommend Alex and his services for any tax related issue big or small.

Matthew B


Cuando Alex nos represento ante el IRS, siempre estuvo al pendiente de la comunication y correspondencia recibida para informarlos de los avances en nuestra Oferta de Compromiso y de las opciones disponibles para lograr el resultado esperado;   gracias a su profesionalismo y pronta comunicacion logramos un buen acuerdo y pudimos reducir nuestra deuda  hasta un 90% aproximadamente. Profesionalismo, privacidad y  cortesia destacan los servicios de Alex Gluzman.

Estamos muy agradecidos por los servicios y consejos que recibimos de Alex Gluzman, porque ahora podemos empezar a edificar nuestro futuro con mas responsabilidad y sin deudas atrasadas con el IRS.  

Mr. Gluzman, Gracias por su ayuda y profesionalismo,


Mirta y Miguel


When I got my first letter from the Internal Revenue Service, I was in complete shock. The letter stated that I had a 166,000 tax liability. I found Alex through an internet search and we had a short conversation but at that time I was too scared to act on anything and it took an IRS field agent coming to my house to force me into action. Alex was upfront from the beginning about the process. He is worth every penny as my case was settled for $720.00. Thank You Alex, you saved my marriage, my home, and have given me a chance to rebuild my life

Mike F

San Jose, CA