Todd Chrisley Accused of Dodging Taxes

Mar 22, 2017 | Blog

According to recent reports, Todd Chrisley might not “know best” when it comes to paying taxes. The star of the popular reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” is being accused of dodging taxes and living lavishly at the expense of Georgia taxpayers. The state has opened up an investigation into the star’s finances and are trying to determine just how much he owes.

Local network WSB-TV started the initial probe, claiming that Chrisley was not paying his share of state taxes despite court filings in which he claimed to be a Georgia resident. On his federal tax forms, he claimed to be a resident of Florida.

The claims are especially shocking because of the lavish lifestyle that is the cornerstone of Chrisley’s show. Now authorities believe that the lifestyle has been paid for by the show’s watchers and residents of the state of Georgia.

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Chrisley’s oldest son says that the star has a history of “stretching the truth.” Kyle, who is estranged from his father, is actively participating in the investigation into his father’s finances. Kyle claims that his father is hiding money and has a habit of not paying his creditors.

Kyle says that his father believes he has more money than he actually does, and is reluctant to give it to anyone—including Uncle Sam. He even claims that his father forced the children to pretend they were residents of Florida, including instructing them to get their drivers licenses in the state in order to establish false residency. His wife Julie substantiated the claims and insists the family never lived in Florida.

More details are emerging an the investigation is expected to last until the truth about the star’s finances and residency is revealed. The star adamantly contends that he has paid his fair share of taxes and is not guilty of wrongdoing. Mr. Chrisley would be wise to find a good tax lawyer to help him sort out these allegations.


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